Rules for Trading

We request you to please read the following guidelines to make maximum out of 
our Advice 
1. Follow Target and Stop loss in every call until you don’t receive any exit call from us. 
2. Do not overtrade. 
3. Invest with strategies. 

Rules for trading
1) this calls designed for minimum capital of Rs 100000. 
2) Buy only one lot per message or as per specified in the message. 
3) If you get more than 60% in one trading day, you may book profits. 
4) If any one of the reason (for ex. message late, net down) if you are unable to attend the trade in specific time and price you just ignore the call. 
5) Always implement stop loss level (if given). 
6) If you have any doubts do not trade. 

Please understand
following short codes used by us

1. CMP: Current Market Price. 
2. SL: Stop Loss.
3. TGT: Target.
4. BTST: Buy Today Sell Tomorrow. 
5. STBT: Sell Today Buy Tomorrow. 
6. Cash: Equity. 
7. FNO or F&O: Future.
Terms & Conditions
1. Payment once made will not be refunded under any circumstances.
2. Package once subscribed will be not be cancelled under any circumstances.
3. Under no circumstances package will be transferred from one package to other
4. Only one Mobile Number is permitted per subscription. 
5. Service will be started from the next day after confirming the payment paid by you from us.
6. Price or Package are subject to change without prior notification.
7. By depositing payment it confirms that you agree with Terms and Condition and Disclaimer
8. Subject to Kalyan Jurisdiction.
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